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Title: IMPORTANT: All trades
Post by: TradingAdmin on March 26, 2019, 01:41:40 pm
Anyone following any of these trades who want to use some of this information for own use:

You are welcome.  But please note that these are not trading advice.  If you do make use of any of this information in your own trading, you do so entirely at your own risk.  These are simply examples of how we use OptionsExplorer to identify trading strategies on certain target markets and how we implement those strategies, and the results we got from implementing those trading strategies.  It is a track-record of trades, updated live as the market changes; examples of trades using OptionsExplorer.

Anyone wanting to follow any of these strategies or try to implement some ideas, if you like what you see, need to understand:

The above are general things you need to know, and you need to understand, to allow you to build a successful trading business - you cannot just blindly follow a trading idea without any knowledge of what you are doing!  These are not trading advisories, these are trading ideas.  These are not rules, which you have to follow, they are guidelines, they form a trading plan.  Any additional information or skills that you have to use to your advantage must be used to setup a trade for (1) which you feel comfortable with, (2) that fits your risk profile and (3) that has the maximum chance to work out successfully for you.

No one else can do this for you - it is your account, you enter certain positions at your own risk.  You need to understand the position you enter, enter it in such a way that maximise your chances and you need to manage that position to the end.  Ultimately you are accountable for what happens to your account, no one else will take that responsibility.

And therefore the trades posted here does not constitute advice on what you should or should not do.  They are examples of what we are doing, with examples of how we implement the ideas and how we manage the trades that we have entered.  You are welcome to make use of the information supplied for your own benefit, if you so inclined, but you do so entirely at your own risk