Author Topic: The software system authentication on this machine failed... Message  (Read 890 times)

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When you start your software, you get the following message:


This is the copy protection message..  You should not get this message. 

You can get it:
  • During the installation process:  If you do, then see the Installation Manual, Section 4.1 - Windows Write-Access Security, page 34.  You failed to grant write access to your installation folder and its sub-folders before you attempted the installation.  This may create all kinds of problems.  The best advice is to start again.  Delete (remove) MySQL, uninstall OptionsExplorer, then re-install OptionsExplorer and re-install MySQL.  Then PLEASE follow the manual BEFORE you try to continue.  Specifically you need to set the Wndows Security and the Database Security.  Thereafter you may run the software and it will do the rest for you
  • Any time after you Activated the Software:  This is the copy protect failure - the software deactivates on ANY ATTEMPT to try to copy it to another computer.  If you did, please refrain from trying to do this, you will invalidate your software (as you have experienced).  If you need to install on a second machine, please just enquire about it.  If you did not, OK, you may re-activate and continue, if it happens frequently we may have to investigate what goes wrong on your system...   You need to re-activate, thus click "OK", then when the software launches, on the main menu select "System | Settings".  Go to the "About" tab.  Send the new Machine Key that the system generated to your vendor (party that initially provided you with an activation key).  They will be able to detect from the new machine key what you did and may ask some questions, but in general it s not a problem, you will just get a new activation key and may continue as if nothing happened