Author Topic: What is the $320 maintenance fee for?  (Read 738 times)

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What is the $320 maintenance fee for?
« on: February 01, 2017, 08:37:44 am »
Priority Support:  It means that whatever I am busy with gets interrupted to attend to your problem - unless for example I am in a class of course (did I mention, I am also teaching at the University).  Priority support means your problem enjoys priority..  If you have what you think is a bug, or an installation problem, or can't access something, raise the concern and rest assured it will be attended to as quickly as possible. If your problem necessitates a change to the software, you get the new release immediately.

Upgrades:  This is the biggest advantage.  When there is nothing to do (no bugs to sort out), then new features gets added onto the software - such as adding bar charts to the price charts instead of a line chart of the closes, or adding a training simulator, or adding spread trading (but spread trading using options), etc.  If you have the maintenance upgrade, you get these new features automatically as they are tested and released.  If not, these accumulates over time to become an optional software upgrade, (new version of the software to which you have to upgrade)

The maintenance fee means your software is maintained and kept up to date - including software upgrades which are released to you immediately. 

No maintenance fee means you have the features as is, which will be maintained and an update released from time to time (maybe twice a year, you do not receive them as they get sorted out).  You do not receive new features, these will be available to upgrade to if you so choose. (In a year's time there may be a new version of the software.  New users will purchase it.  Old users will be able to upgrade to it at a reduced price - like current Matrix Plus users who may upgrade to the Options Explorer at a reduced price)